SONAX Profiline CutMax 250ml (8.45 oz)

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SONAX Profiline CutMax is my go-to compound when you need a more aggressive approach than Perfect Finish or taking a two step approach to polishing.  It's also a great option when working on really hard paint.  As an added bonus, it's low dusting with generous working time.

Sonax Profiline CutMax is a high-performance abrasive paste for paintwork. It removes scratches and nibs on repaired or original paint surfaces. It leaves minimum processing traces and virtually no polish residue (low-dust technology). Easy to apply. High abrasion with minimum matting.

Like all of Sonax's Profiline (professional) polishes, CutMax is silicone free and body shop safe


Cut: 6 out of 6
Gloss: 3 out of 6