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Car Care Go About Us

Car Care Go is a proudly Canadian company that was born out of a passion for all things automotive and detailing in particular. If you get enjoyment out of driving and like to keep your car looking at it's best, then you've come to the right place. 

First and foremost I'm an enthusiast. I've grown up around cars and have always enjoyed making them go fast and look their best.  There's nothing like the feeling of sitting in your car right after you've cleaned it, when it feels like new and the time and effort you've invested in it can be appreciated as you drive away.  I love that feeling and want to help others to experience it as well.

Over the years Car Care product fads come and go, but there have also been many developments that both make the job of keeping your car clean and protected easier and more effective.  Trying to navigate through the hype in order to choose the right combination of products for your car can be intimidating, not to mention time consuming. The products you'll find on this site have been personally tested by me. You can count on the fact that I only sell products that have proven their effectiveness on my own and my customer's cars.

In my never ending search for the latest and greatest, I look for and test Car Care products from around the globe and if they pass the test, you'll see them on this site at competitive prices.

Your feedback and comments are important to me, please email any questions whether related to products or techniques to:


My hope is that the products you find here will enable you to get the maximum enjoyment from your car.

Yours Truly,